There are many available coatings in the printing industry. In this article, we will introduce you two interesting UV luminous varnishes for screen printing. They can be used on a wide range of materials, from standard paper through foils to textured materials. Luminous varnishes  can be applied directly over printed area, lamination or embossing.

Luminous varnish glowing under UV light

In daylight, it looks like a standard relief varnish. If you touch it, you can feel three-dimensional relief effect with glossy surface. If we apply this varnish over the colored surface, we can get many interesting shades.

It catches the eye at the very first glance, but did you know that it has another hidden potential?

It glows wonderfully under UV lighting! This amazing effect can be interesting for retailers selling their products to nightclubs and places using UV lights.

But that's not all! The coating can also be used for its security features, because this technology is very difficult to imitate. If you do not insist on relief varnish and still want to have UV luminescent varnish on your products, it is also possible to use flexographic printing technology.

Fluorescent varnish

Many of you know stars or planets glowing on the walls in the darkness, whether from your own childhood or from the rooms of your children.

We have developed and tested in cooperation with our supplier special varnish with this absorbing and emitting effect. It turned out wonderfully. Inspired by Christmas and early sunsets, we created sheets with name tags for Christmas presents.

These labels can absorb light and when is ligtht turned off, they glow in the dark for up to 15 minutes. This special varnish has a slightly yellow-green color. It is relatively transparent, so it can be used over printed and embossed surfaces. This varnish is for screen printing technology only.

Would you like to know more about these special products? Contact our sales department!

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