Tickets and tags

Tickets have various designs, mostly with perforations, the use of security features (hologram, invisible colors, numbering), and with the possibility of full-color printing on the front and reverse side. Tickets are designed individually in a form that the customer can seamlessly reprint and process them. They are packed in rolls or folded. The material is non-self-adhesive, usually thicker paper with a thermosensitive layer for reprinting the tickets. Tags are made of non-self-adhesive material with the possibility of a thermosensitive layer for reprinting. They are suitable for packaging on which it is not possible to stick a label or print. Tags can be both paper and plastic. They can be used when packing fruits and vegetables into mesh bags, sweets in decorative bags, for labelling clothes and shoes, and others. The color options can be from unprinted to full-color tags.