The world is moving faster, technology is racing forward, and customers’ demands to save time when ordering goods are increasing. Most customers want to avoid getting information about their orders via email or phone and prefer to track the status of their orders electronically. This preference can be seen in the number of our customers who have accounts on our client portal and the gradually increasing number of additional customers. The portal environment is always available and we try to adapt it as much as possible to users’ needs. We are happy to hear from our customers about how the portal helps them, and look forward to hearing further suggestions and comments on how to improve it. Let's recap some of the advantages that ordering labels through the client portal offers.

Save time

You can login to the portal at any time, so you can always get information about your order immediately. If you have created your product in the online catalogue, you can even place production orders independently. The advantage is that you do not have to wait for us to place your order.

"The electronic catalogue of labels allows us to order labels and have an up-to-date overview of stock and labels that we currently have in production. It contains a list of labels with previews and simplifies the proofreading/correction of new labels. This lets us find everything in one place. It's a very useful and modern tool that we use basically every day."

Jiří Trávníček, AGRICOL. s.r.o

Reduce the Risk of Errors

By choosing to place your orders yourself, you also reduce the risk of errors occurring when transmitting information. You can check that the number of labels for production is correct or approve the latest version of the print data yourself. In the label catalogue, you can quickly see which version of the proofreading is assigned to your product as the print version. You can also update the catalog independently and discard any unwanted data. To reduce the error rate, a data inspector helps by simply checking the graphics before printing, without having to ask for comments from our DTP department.

"For several years, Spak Foods. s.r.o. Sušice has been using the portal not only for ordering labels, but also for approving or rejecting proofs – by both myself and my colleague Mrs. Sušice Hurkova. I dare say that I may have been among the first users of this portal. I have to say that since the creation of the portal, a lot of things have been improved which have helped to make ordering labels easier and faster, as well as improving the overall experience on this portal. I would also like to highlight the "News on the Blog" - informative articles about the application, label production, etc. One of the many improvements was the automatic sending of order confirmations. Orders are clear.
I would also like to thank everyone involved in development, improvement, and regular maintenance for a job well done. "

Pavel ZROUN, SPAK Foods s.r.o.

Availability and Clarity of Information

Thanks to the limited connection of the client portal with our internal information system, you can see the current status of your orders and the expected shipping date. In the tools section, you can see which invoices are due at any time. On your order form, you can clearly see a preview of the data and all other necessary information. In the order history, you can review information on orders which have already been completed, and you can also print delivery or order sheets at any time. It is also possible to create an account for your external graphic designers, who can use our data inspector function to check processed graphics.

"Hello, the web portal works well. I like the fact that I have multiple companies under one login. As a designer, I appreciate that I don't have to switch between accounts and I have a better overview. Proofreading is also fine, everything is immediately visible in the preview, and email notifications are sent to both me and my clients. Navigating the portal environment is simple and easy to remember. "

Štěpán Hubay, BONALOKA s.r.o.

In the stock section you can find the exact number of labels that you have stored in our warehouse which are ready for shipment. An equally interesting tool is tracking the dispatch of orders. If an order has been handed over to a carrier, you can track where it is currently.

"The clarity of the portal, easy orientation and search are all positives. As for the Label design web portal, I basically have no objections. I have a few suggestions that would make my work in the portal more pleasant and faster. "

Radomír Malý, Naturfyt Bio

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