Our labels have been with you for an incredible 30 years. It's been 30 years of gaining experience and learning new technologies, 30 years of trial and error, 30 years of fulfilling customer requests and fine-tuning down to the smallest details. Those years alone give us the hallmark of expertise and the knowledge and skills to handle even the most complex assignments. Look around your home and you will find our handwriting everywhere. You will see our labels every day when you open the fridge, when you wash your face and brush your teeth, when you go out at night, when you are relaxing with a glass of wine, and when you lift the hood of your car. We've come a long way in 30 years, but we haven't been alone. During those three decades, we have been accompanied by our wonderful colleagues, partners, suppliers, and customers. Some have gone and new ones have come, and some have stayed with us all these years.
We extend a Big Thank You to Everyone!

How did we get started?

The year is 1992, and 6 people have started a small print shop together in a rented office space. Little do they know that they are laying the foundations for a large business, and that the printing plant will be much bigger and in perfect shape in 30 years’ time. As the orders start pouring in, they find that the space is no longer adequate, and so they move to a brand new building which includes a production hall. Our company, already known as Label design, introduces the first ever cutting-edge UV offset technology to the market, and business begins to skyrocket. As the number of our employees grows, we invest in additional production equipment, expand our product offering, increase production capacity, and eventually build another production hall.
In 2002, our manufacturing practices receive the international ISO 9001 certification, and other certifications follow in quick succession. In 2011, we expand our offer again, this time with digital printing, The purchase of the HP Indigo digital press, the highest quality digital printing machine of its time, marks the start of a new chapter in Label design. We replace all our original machines with more modern ones that allow us to speed up production, reduce waste, improve operations, and most importantly, print better quality labels.

Still Improving

In 2016, we add the Domino Injection Machine to our lineup, allowing for more elaborate printing and special effects. 2018 is marked by the completion of the entire production hall reconstruction, which enables improved logistics processes and creates better conditions for various technologies. In order to increase process efficiency, we develop our own applications for automating individual processes. We have continuously improved the environment for our employees, including recreation facilities, a canteen, and a breakroom.
We have also greatly enhanced communication with customers. We have clarified the information on our website and have created a client portal where our customers can access a quick overview of their orders. We have also started a newsletter to share information about what's new and what's happening at Label design, and we also regularly keep clients informed through our social media channels.

Back to Now.

We're Not Done Yet

Last year we started the construction of another production hall, and as the first label printer in the Czech Republic, we are beginning a completely new era in printing with self-adhesive labels - LINERLESS - or labels without a backing. Of course, during our development we are always thinking about the future sustainability of production, and it is undoubtedly LINERLESS.
We are already thinking about what and how to improve next as we move forward this year…

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