Peel- off Labels

Dr oetker label booklet Label design

Booklets are labels with an inserted leaflet. The creation of this product arose from the need for more space to display information than the label allowed. Today, in addition to this requirement, it also meets the need to expand sales support, and brand visibility. Sandwich is a multi-layer label, which can be reopened and closed. After gluing, both layers remain firmly connected at the end. Therefore, the label is not damaged after the first use and remains in one piece. The upper part can be used for eye-catching graphics. After peeling off the top layer, the space of two sides opens up for all the required text. This product is most often used for creams, nail polishes, gels, and similar products where the space for the label is relatively small. When applied to the product, wrap-around labels are layered by twisting the label over itself. The ideal packaging is a round bottle or jar. The label is easy to apply to the product from the end and also offers plenty of space for communicating to the customer.