The easiest and fastest way to process your order is through our client portal, where you can keep track of your orders at any time of the day and from anywhere. Ordering via the client portal significantly speeds up the entire process, from placing your order to production. In response to your growing interest in the client portal, we have expanded its functionality. What new features are waiting for you in your customer account?


Fast, clear and easy to read navigation on the portal is essential for us. We have therefore changed the font type, navigation bar, and background colors which now look cleaner.

Blog and Homepage

We have added a news preview on our homepage blog. Now you won't miss any of our innovations and you don't have to worry about missing out on any of our new articles.

Klientský portál blog Label design

The "Labels in Production" Tool

Now you can track the current status of your order on the client portal. You can easily search for an order by product number, label name, or description. You will immediately see how many labels of your order have already been produced, and how many are still waiting to be produced.

Order history has a New Look

In the order history, you will now find status symbols that clearly show which stage your order is at.

See the status clearly with colored icons

Klientský portál ikona nepřijato

The order has been received     

Klientský portál ikona přijata do výroby

The order has been accepted for production

Klientský portál ikona expedice

The order has been shipped

Klientský portál ikona storno

The order has been cancelled or proofreading has been rejected

We would like to remind you of some other advantages of the client portal. After uploading a print template of your label, the system can check the label itself and confirm its accuracy or alert you in real time if there are any errors. Through the client portal, customers can also access our catalogue and gain a unique overview of our products, which can further benefit and guide marketing, technology, and quality managers. We are constantly working on improving and enhancing the functionality of the client portal.

Our sales representatives and assistants are happy to help you navigate the client portal so that you can save time using it. The IT department is also available to continuously develop the client portal and they can quickly resolve any issues that may arise, or consider your other requirements.

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