When we think of the term sandwich, we usually think of a light snack with our favorite ingredients layered between slices of bread. The sandwiches we prepare in our production have nothing to do with food, but they do have layers. We are talking about multi-layered or peel-off labels. But they can be found on food packaging, especially when it is necessary to fit a lot of information on a small package.

As the name suggests, a sandwich is a label that has 2 or 3 layers. These are different from booklet labels which can fit an entire book or brochure. You have already had the opportunity to get acquainted with booklets in our previous article.

Multi-layered peel-off labels can be easily found around the home. The most common examples are seen on cosmetic products and drugstore goods in our bathrooms, as well as food packaging. On the back of such labels, you may notice an inconspicuous sign inviting you to peel the label off. After you peel off the label, you will find that the label contains much more information than seen at first glance.

Sandwich labels differ from booklet labels in that they can be printed into glue, up to two colors. The text or content is most often printed into the glue. In most cases, this includes a description of the product, instructions in other languages, information about the composition of the product, or the address of the supplier. In short, information that does not fit on the front of the label but which the law requires manufacturers to provide.

Sandwiches are often made from polypropylene material, which is known for its resistance to repeated sticking. However, paper materials can also be used. Other advantages of these labels include the possibility of using various shapes including rounded. Do not worry about not being able to choose what you would like in this category. We also offer transparent, silver, or holographic sandwiches.

Of course, labels help sell products and therefore manufacturers try to use the space on labels as efficiently as possible. Anything meant to attract consumers' eyes and encourage reading is printed on the front and inside of the sandwich. These include images, marketing messages, and competitions. Special effects can also be used on the front page of sandwiches, e.g., in the form of y-stamping or special wiping embossing.

Are you interested in multi-layer labels but do not know which type of label to choose?
Do not hesitate to contact our sales department, we will be happy to advise and help you customize labels for your products.

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