We are the Only Company in the Czech Republic Offering the Production of Linerless Labels

Build your brand with us using a new standard in labeling that is cheaper, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. 

We help companies meet their sustainable development goals by producing labels that need less material for their production and do not leave waste after being applied to products.  Linerless labels do not leave behind a silicone backing strip, which was typical when printing other types of labels. In addition to zero waste, a major advantage is that when printing, the length of the label automatically adjusts to the amount of information on the label for each item, minimizing the size of the label. This makes labeling more efficient, cheaper, and more environmentally friendly.


No Waste and Reduced Carbon Footprint

Linerless labels, even though they do not have a backing, are stored on a reel. This is made possible by the fact that its face side is printed with a special coating, which prevents the face and reverse sides from sticking to each other. This eliminates the need for silicone backing and significantly reduces the amount of waste material. At the same time, the material is used more efficiently, which makes it possible to reduce logistics costs. The absence of silicone waste, savings in wood, water, and electricity, and a reduction in transport logistics are effective ways to reduce our carbon footprint and thus our impact on the environment.


Advantages of No Backing Strip

The absence of a backing strip means that many more meters of material can be wound onto a roll of a given diameter, giving you more area for the information on your labels from each roll. This reduces the frequency of role changes by about half, so downtime during role changes is also reduced, leading to higher productivity. At the same time, logistics costs are reduced.

Adjust the Label Size to the Amount of Text

Linerless labels, together with selected printers, enable the automatic adjustment of the label length based on the content. This used to be very difficult. Since the labels are not cut to a predetermined size, the length of the labels can be changed to suit varying content. This eliminates the need to stock labels of different sizes, thus simplifying inventory control.

Reduced Operating Costs

For pre-cut labels, the label size is determined by the size of the section which contains the printed information. This results in unused blank space on labels. Linerless reprint technology automatically detects the size of the text and reduces or increases the space as needed, so no space is wasted when printing. This helps reduce operating costs.


Enables New Label Designs

Linerless technology makes it possible to produce structurally different labels, including ribbons and rings in addition to labels on reels. These can be used to close the package without directly sticking to the product. The adhesive is only applied where the tape overlaps, or only on the ring, and the product does not have to be completely sealed. In addition, perforations can be used as a safety measure to control the opening of packages. Similarly, unusual new solutions can be created, where printing can be applied under the adhesive.  These features make it easier for the final consumer to sort packaging and labels.