The work of professional assistants is key to our printing shop. But if you think an assistant is someone who brews coffee or fills in calendars, you're mistaken. These are professional assistants with a capital "A". They're the ones who handle all the orders. It's largely up to them to make sure that labels are done right and according to each customer's specifications.

And what exactly do assistants at Label do?

They take orders from customers and check if any of important data is missing, such as the quantity, delivery location, material, color, roll size, label size, number of pieces per roll, and also the spooling (how the label is placed on the roll to fit different customer’s machines), etc. At the same time, each assistant, together with the DTP studio, must check the accuracy of the data provided and let the customer know of any errors, discrepancies, or contradictions. Of course, for new customers there is a manual that shows how to correctly prepare the data.  It is important that the correct information is provided on the order, because the order serves as the basis for the specifications under which the labels are produced and delivered. If any changes are required by the customer during the ordering process, some of details may be later revised, but only up to the production stage of printing. However, each 'small change' means a lot more work for the assistants. For example, if the quantity of labels ordered is increased, the assistants must recalculate the price and determine whether a larger quantity of the material is available. This will ultimately impact the choice of printing technology, and subsequently the delivery date. All this must be checked and communicated again by the assistant. Even if it doesn't seem like it, additional changes mean order validations and processing, almost like a new order.  It is very important that customers submit all the information for an order at once, clearly and correctly.

Based on the data from the order, the assistants then enter the details and create an order for production. During the process, they need to ensure that the labels can be produced within the required time frame, that the material is available, that the entire order is delivered to the right location, and that the correct shipping method is specified. For customers who keep their manufactured orders in our warehouse, they must also ensure that they have timely instructions for dispatch from the warehouse so that they can receive the labels on the date required. The assistants also process orders made through our e-shop.

Another important duty of the back office is to receive and register complaints. The assistants will check that any complaint includes the customer ID, photo documentation, which is very important for the complaint, and a detailed description of the problem. They will then check where the error occurred and forward the complaint to the appropriate person.

Administrativa 2

The daily bread for our assistants is of course communicating with customers. They deal with orders, inquiries, queries about deadlines, complaints, and discrepancies in dates, either in writing or by telephone. In addition, they ensure the coordination and communication between other departments including the DTP studio, technology, planning, economic department, logistics, production, and especially the sales staff.

In addition, the back office is responsible for all documentation - they ensure the distribution of delivery forms, invoices, sales contracts, and terms and conditions. The assistants also send out samples and proofs, and also have to keep a lot of specific customer requirements of different companies in their heads.

And most importantly, assistants are like a crash barrier and the first on the receiving end if something goes wrong with an order, labels didn't arrive on time, or there is some other problem that a customer needs solved. They are also under constant pressure to make sure they don't make any mistakes and that orders are produced correctly according to the customer’s specifications and that they are sent out to the customer.

Ugh! Definitely no small task….

Assistants are simply incredible at multitasking and it's no wonder they are mostly women. 😊 But be warned, we don't lack representation of the opposite sex in the "back office" team. The female team is now complemented by a man who has taken on these duties, and works very responsibly and is an indispensable part of the team.

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