The main aim of our company is the satisfaction of our customers and their perspective cooperation with our company. Without high-quality production, which is ensured by the professional approach of employees and our high-quality facilities, this aim could not be achieved. Our company has successfully passed the certification audit of the Czech company for quality. We have obtained certification for: 

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Operation security

A high security production regime is ensured for special production. Increased supervision of production by a camera system, above-standard supervision and control, immediate shredding of waste material, storage of finished products in a secure safe before shipment. This mainly deals with production using security elements, such as the application of holograms, or codes that can be revealed by scratching off an opaque covering.

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Inter-operational control in the production of self-adhesive labels

In all stages of production, the relevant department is always responsible for product quality. Each employee of our company is obliged to check their work before submitting it. In this way, we are able to catch and correct errors in time without compromising the quality and delivery of our products to our customers. Based on experience, we always focus on a more complicated part of the production process for a specific type of product. We have also defined special production regimes, for example for pharmacy or industry.

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Product inspection during the production of self-adhesive labels

Before being dispatched, each order undergoes a final product inspection. Finished products are inspected in accordance with their specifications (color, material, dimensions, etc.). If any discrepancy is found, the order is not released for shipment. An inspection report can be issued for each delivery, and is attached to the delivery note.
As a special service, we offer 100% production control, which we provide for the last operation with an inspection machine. This device is able to detect even the smallest product error, based on the sensitivity level settings for a specific monitored parameter. Faulty products that are outside the specified parameters are replaced by fault-free products meeting the required parameters.

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