We take good care of our customers, and that is why we have created an online application for them on our website, which we call the client portal. You can register or log in to the portal on our website via the link in the menu. The portal will allow you to immediately work with your orders, without the need for anyone else, and even on a Sunday evening.

Data inspector

With the help of our data inspector, you can check your print data at any time or grant access to a graphic designer in a graphics studio who will prepare the data for you via an external access. The inspector queues the data and sends an email with a report after inspection. If the data pass the inspector correctly, they will be saved to us at LABEL design. You don’t have to wait until it’s your turn and you have time to do other things.

inspektor dat

Placing a new order

You can use the portal to create a new order for a product yourself. It will then undergo an inspection by our DTP studio in terms of data, technology in terms of printing, and back office in terms of administration.

Repeat orders

There is nothing easier than making a few clicks to create a repeat order and not have to complicate all the information again. Your printed orders, including their approved data, are stored in a catalogue in the portal, and you can manage or delete the data independently.


Thanks to the portal being connected to our DTP studio, you can immediately see orders that are waiting for proofing, are approved, or rejected, including the history of proofing. You can approve or reject proofing directly in our portal.

korektury portál

Because we are constantly improving something on the portal to best serve you, you will find a bulletin board on the main page of the portal, where we add important news and information about planned maintenance.

klientský portál label design

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