• 1992 - 2001 LABEL design, a.s. was founded in 1992. It began as a small printer with six employees in rented premises, which soon became inadequate after a successful start. Larger spaces were needed for further growth and modernization of production. In 1996, a new production hall was approved, including an administrative building. A year later, LABEL design introduced state-of-the-art UV offset technology, the first on the market. The company experienced rapid growth and in 1999, with 60 employees, it invested in additional production facilities to expand its product portfolio and increase production capacity. In the following years, the growth trend continued, a new hall was built, production capacity was expanded, and new letterpress technology was added.
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  • 2002 - 2011 Good manufacturing practice has been ensured since 2002 by the international certification ISO 9001, which was supplemented up until 2008 by other important certifications necessary for the proper functioning and cooperation with important business partners. As part of the expansion of our services to our customers in the area of reprinting and application of labels, a technical department was established, which began to provide these services. With the changing market and the needs of our customers, the company expanded its range to include digital printing in 2011. The purchase of a HP Indigo digital machine, the world’s highest quality digital printer, ushered in a new era in the company’s history. The capacity was met very quickly, and the purchase of a second Indigo and the necessary finishing machines logically followed. During this period, more than 100 employees worked for the company and the entire team strived intensively to provide higher production efficiency and increase the quality of all processes.
  • 2011 - to date Analogue flexographic machines and offset technology were replaced by more modern machines, which enable faster processing of orders, less waste, easier operation, and better-quality printing. In 2016, the digital section received an addition in the form of a Domina injection machine, providing more pronounced printing and special effects. At that time, finishing machines had an alternative in the form of laser cutting. Due to the need to improve logistics in the hall and create suitable conditions for the individual technologies, the reconstruction of the entire production hall was completed in 2018. As part of the increasing process efficiency, our IT team created their own applications for automating individual processes. A new website was created, offering an electronic catalogue of products and other online services. New social facilities with a dining room, rest area, and new office space were approved in 2021 after the completion of the administration building. For the coming period, LABEL design has other ambitious plans to improve customer services and quality, including investment in production facilities, equipment, employees, and other necessary investments.


It is mainly our employees who create the image and character of the company, as it is perceived on the market as a result. LABEL design is one of the few to boast a large number of employees who have worked for it for more than 15 years. This speaks of a mutual symbiosis, which as a result means we can offer our business partners years of experience, teamwork, tried and tested procedures, and above all a friendly and professional approach.
Our clients’ orders pass through the hands of members of several professional teams. On entering the company there is the sales department team, which is provided with professional support by colleagues from the technology department and the DTP studio. The economic department works closely with both dealers and customers at various stages of the order flow. The final completion of orders before production is ensured by the preparation department. We must not forget the purchasing department, which provides everything needed for production.
The largest team works directly in production, which is dependent on an extensive machine park. The expedition team, which provides logistics according to the customer’s requirements, works on the dispatch of finished orders, which are carefully inspected by the inspection department.



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The work and effort of all of our colleagues have also been rewarded in the form of awards that we have received in previous years. We really appreciate it, and we believe that these successes contribute positively to the overall calling card of our company.
We have participated for several years in the national competition OBAL ROKU (In English: Packaging of the Year). We have always nominated an interesting packaging solution with our product and the result is four awards.

We have already won the SUPERBRANDS title five times. The international organization Superbrands is the most recognized independent global authority in the field of brand evaluation and appraisement. The Superbrands award is given to brands with an excellent reputation - customers associate significant values with them and have a personal relationship with them. For us, it is the appreciation of our many years of work and a positive message towards our current and potential clients that we understand our business and do it well.

Our aims


Our aims are to ensure the satisfaction of our customers and our employees, to always strive be a professional and reliable partner in all areas of cooperation, to minimize the environmental impact of our activities, to constantly develop, to focus on product and process innovation, to make savings in all areas, and to be the best on the market.