Ten Different Labels


Have you ever wondered how many functions labels perform? Or what makes labels interesting and what the differences are? There are millions of labels all around us, and

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Turnkey Applications and Data Reprinting


At Label design, we mainly produce self-adhesive labels, but we know how to do much more. We also design and manufacture various types of applications customized for specific

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The Story of Label design


Our labels have been with you for an incredible 30 years. It's been 30 years of gaining experience and learning new technologies, 30 years of trial and error,

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LINERLESS, An Innovation in Labeling


The Christmas holidays are slowly approaching, but we couldn’t wait for them to arrive, so we gave ourselves a gift in advance.  We decided to expand our range

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Interesting news from the world of Screen Printing: Relief effects


You have already encountered glowing UV screen printing varnish in our previous article focusing on special effects. Now we will show you that the magic of this varnish is

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Correct Font Sizes for Printing


The emergence of writing was one of the most significant events in the history of mankind. Writing has enabled development and progress for more advanced civilizations and has

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Embossed Labels on Textured Material


Labels that boast extremely colorful embossing immediately catch the eye. A luxurious look can be achieved through the combination of embossing and the right material, which is sure

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Sustainable Trends
in the Production of Self-adhesive Labels


One of the main aims of sustainable development is to preserve the environment for future generations with as little change as possible. As label manufacturers, we have a

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Uncover the Secrets of Scratch Embossing


The first thing that probably comes to mind when you hear the term scratch strips is, well, scratch cards. Honestly, who hasn’t experienced the excitement of scratching a

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News about our Client Portal for 2022


The easiest and fastest way to process your order is through our client portal, where you can keep track of your orders at any time of the day

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