News about our Client Portal for 2022


The easiest and fastest way to process your order is through our client portal, where you can keep track of your orders at any time of the day

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Labels as Security Features


There are many ways to use labels. Not only to summarize information but to attract customers with graphic designs or interesting printing technology. Another way is to use

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Booklets: space for more information on one label


Booklets are self-adhesive labels which contain a leaflet or brochure insert. This product was born out of the need for more space to display information than a one-page

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We print Braille technology


Braille is a special typeface designed for blind and partially sighted individuals. The special font was developed in 1824 by the Frenchman Louis Braille and is named after

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Interesting news from the world of Screen Printing: glowing varnishes


There are many available coatings in the printing industry. In this article, we will introduce you two interesting UV luminous varnishes for screen printing. They can be used

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We were awarded by Czech Superbrands programme again


Superbrands programme is the most recognized independent global authority for brand evaluation and recognition. The title is the sign of a special position of the brand in the

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What ISO certifications we have obtained


Je pro nás důležité abychom pro vás byly spolehlivým obchodním partnerem. Každý certifikát prokazuje jiné požadavky. Smyslem ISO certifikátu je kromě jiného, zajištění kvalitních služeb a dodržení nastavených

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How to enable overprint preview in Adobe Acrobat


Is your soft proof PDF file not displayed correctly and you are wondering where the error is? Does it look like someone cut out the pictures or the

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Properly prepared print data


To increase efficiency and save time? Here is an article on how to properly prepare data for printing. The better prepared the data you deliver, the faster the

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Client portal


We take good care of our customers, and that is why we have created an online application for them on our website, which we call the client portal.

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