Labelling of goods – Part 2 – Printing Technologies


In the first part of our series on labelling, we looked at creating labels for logistics and insertring data into print fields. Today we will discuss printing technologies

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Packaging of Bundled Orders


Packaging of Bundled OrdersSustainability is an increasingly popular topic in the manufacturing industry. We focus not only on producing products more efficiently, but also on optimising their packaging

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Labelling of goods – Part 1


Creating labels for logistics and inserting data into print fieldsIn addition to printing labels, we are also involved in the labelling of goods. Since we often get questions

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When labels talk…


The number of mandatory labelling requirements is increasing, often to the detriment of marketing information that is key for manufacturers and their customers. Augmented reality offers additional room

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2023 in Review


Dear colleagues, business partners, fans of Label design, and lovers of self-adhesive labels,Andrea, our marketing manager, asked me to write a few words for the last blog post

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Our Labels Worldwide


The Czech market is getting too small for us, so our labels do not only serve Czech companies, but our customers are also international companies. As our level

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We celebrated our 30th anniversary


This year is an important milestone for us in many ways. It marks the culmination of 30 years in the self-adhesive label market. A year in which we

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Label design 30 years: Starring the Back Office


The work of professional assistants is key to our printing shop. But if you think an assistant is someone who brews coffee or fills in calendars, you're mistaken.

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Starring: the Technologist


As a manufacturing company, we need to keep pace with rapidly advancing technologies and are constantly looking for ways to improve our processes and product quality. And that's

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GTIN codes on our shipping documents


GTINs are becoming more and more common in product identification, and you have often asked us about the possibility of using them. But what exactly is a GTIN

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