Booklets are self-adhesive labels which contain a leaflet or brochure insert. This product was born out of the need for more space to display information than a one-page label allows for. In addition to this quality, increased sales promotion and brand visibility can also be achieved.  This product is most often used in the food industry, for automotive or pharmaceutical products, or wherever the space for a standard label is too small for all the contents required. The label can be easily peeled off and unfolded from the product. The front side may be eye-catching with an attractive graphic design while the inside can offer plenty of space to communicate information to the customer.

Are you facing the problem of how to include all the necessary information on your products? Would you like to have a graphic on the front that catches the customer's eye but there is not enough room for the important information that the label must contain? Would you like to create a competition for your customers, or do you want to use the label as a marketing tool? Booklet labels can make all this and much more possible.

Booklet labels are self-adhesive labels that have a leaflet, brochure, or small book contained inside. Each label has its own tab to peel it off the product, and a sealed spine which keeps the booklet label intact.

Folded Booklet Label (Folded Leaflet)

The front page may have a brief description of the product and an interesting graphic. When opened and unfolded, a leaflet containing all the necessary information, such as a recipe, is displayed. We produce two types of opening booklet labels: basic opening and easier opening.

Reasons for and ideas on how to use Booklet Labels:

  • Increase available space by more than 1000 %, up to 32 pages in a small label.
  • Compliance with required legislative regulations and laws, currently EU Regulation 1169/2011.
  • More responsible products – add more detailed instructions or warnings for your customers.
  • Multilingual texts – combine several labels into one and reduce label, packaging, and logistics costs. You will be able to comply with required legal regulations and laws.
  • Consumer coupons – attach a discount to your product and encourage future sales.
  • Warranty cards – right on the packaging and immediately at hand, customers receive a completed warranty when purchasing the product.
  • Loyalty programs – the ability to use a unique code online, collect points, and earn bonuses.
  • Safety Data Sheets – for products where required, information is immediately available in an emergency.
  • Market research – a simple questionnaire will provide you with valuable information from customers and can be linked to an online form.
  • Recipes and ideas – inspire your customers to use the product and give them another reason to buy it.
  • Healthy Lifestyle – today consumers are interested in information about food, such as ingredients, especially nutritional values, and calories.
  • Defend against unfair competition – inform consumers about competitors' misinformation and combine it with programs on social media.
  • Cross-promotion – build on your best-selling products and highlight links to your other product lines.
  • Tell a story – explain how the product came about, how the company was born, and strengthen your relationship with your customers.
  • Advise about potential issues – describe "how to" for customers when a problem arises.
  • Attract attention – use the entire label area for eye-catching designs and hide everything else inside.
  • Benefit statements – detail your product’s benefits over competing brands.
  • Games – take advantage of customizable data and image printing and create a fun competition for your customers.

Interesting Booklet Labels:

Booklet Labels can be applied to both rounded and flat surfaces. The last side of the labels can contain unique codes or customizable data, it is also possible to use special wipe embossing or special heat-reactive or luminous (fluorescent) inks.  The label can also be perforated to tear off individual pages.

Booklets can be delivered on a roll, so that they can be applied automatically by machine.

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