At Label design, we mainly produce self-adhesive labels, but we know how to do much more. We also design and manufacture various types of applications customized for specific operations. We know how to handle the reprinting of data on labels which have already been applied, as well as how to handle the simultaneous application and reprinting of labels. Our Goods Labeling Department takes care of a complete range of services, from development to the overall automation of operations and subsequent service.

One can still find many companies which still glue labels to products manually. However, these operations often face labor shortages or need to be made more efficient and less dependent on manpower. Often, it is important to eliminate the possibility of human error from the entire process of applying labels. In situations where it makes sense and is practical, or where there is a requirement, automation is the challenge for us.

Data Reprints

The legislative requirements for the mandatory labelling of products are constantly expanding. It is necessary to include the date of manufacture, expiry, batch number, bar codes, etc. After we get the information about the size of the labels, their quantity, and the material from which they will be made, we can consider how best to set up our own reprint. For instance, we can reprint using an inkjet printer with a standard width of 12.5 mm or 25 mm. This solution does not require a lot of space and is economical. However, we can also offer reprinting with thermal transfers (TTR) with a basic width of 100 mm, which offers features such as high print resistance, high printing speed, and tape savings. Sometimes we do not even need a label and reprinting can be done directly on the product packaging itself. At other times, it is necessary to combine reprinting with the application in one step, which we call "print & apply", which we can also design and deliver based on the needs of the customer.

The Development and Production of Applications

Based on specific requirements, we can create, design, test, and manufacture an application after inspecting the facility, which helps to streamline the operation and eliminate the error rate. Alongside the customer, we will go through exactly what is expected from the automation of their production, and we will adapt the development accordingly. We will either start to build a brand-new application or modify the existing production line. Everything is "interconnected" by the SW management system, which coordinates, manages, and controls the processes.

“One-stop” Solutions

We know a lot about labels, and our knowledge is reflected in our reprinting solutions and application development. We can combine suitable materials, choose the right inks or TTR strips, and ensure complete follow-up service for the devices we supply.
We call this a "one-stop" solution. The customer does not have to communicate with many entities – suppliers of structures, parts, inks, or tapes. Instead, we handle the entire turnkey automation solution, based on the customer’s requirements.
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